“Administrative law deals with deliberate or reckless acts contrary to the law, which are punishable by administrative liability, and which are prejudicial to national security or public order, or to citizens’ rights and freedoms. My aim is to help you! My long experience and successful administrative law cases allow me to set maximum goals. I advise clients on administrative offences, including breaches of administrative legislation and liability to state and local authorities, draft all documents related to administrative law, provide comprehensive legal assistance in the event of an administrative dispute, and represent clients before various state and local authorities and courts.”

K. Raulinaitienė

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Every client is important to us!

Administrative law is a branch of public law that regulates the status of entities of public administration, their public relations with entities of public and private law and the relations between these entities. Administrative law also resolves the increasingly relevant administrative disputes, which are defined by the Law of Administrative Proceedings of the Republic of Lithuania as “conflicts of persons with public administration entities or conflicts between entities not subordinate to each other.” This category also includes administrative offenses and their cases. – disputes between civil servants and their place of work.

Attorney Kristina Raulinaitienė has many years of experience in the field of administrative law and can provide qualified assistance in any situation requiring the knowledge of a lawyer. K. Raulinaitienė provides detailed consultations on all issues of administrative law, prepares documents, represents clients in cases of administrative law offenses (which also include offenses related to driven transport, such as drink-driving, speeding, etc.), state and municipal institutions, provides a wide range of legal assistance in the event of an administrative dispute (prepares requests, complaints about illegal actions of civil servants, officials or state institutions, represents clients in pre-trial or court proceedings).