“Regardless of your procedural status in a criminal case, my primary goal is to ensure that all your rights are heard and protected in this process and that the outcome is fair to you. I provide comprehensive advice on all aspects of criminal law and criminal procedural law, drafting statements for the opening of pre-trial investigations, complaints against suspects, accused persons, convicted persons and victims under the Code of Criminal Procedure, civil claimant or defendant, advise on the possibility of bringing a civil action in criminal proceedings, defend suspects in pre-trial proceedings and defendants in court, represent victims, civil claimants and civil defendants in criminal proceedings. My priority is to defend your interests and honour, your freedom and dignity!”

K. Raulinaitienė

Teisinė pagalba paveldėjimo klausimais

Every client is important to us!

Criminal law is a set of legal norms that determine what is prohibited (i.e., what is considered a criminal offense) and what liability is threatened for it. Criminal law is the only branch of law for which non-compliance with the prohibitions is punishable by a custodial sentence or conviction with long-term negative consequences for those who have it. In order to ensure fair criminal proceedings and adequate protection of individual rights, persons involved in these proceedings have the right to have both a representative and a lawyer.
Experts in criminal law with many years of experience help to understand the criminal process, advise on what measures to take to protect your innocence or violated rights. Lawyers represent both natural and legal persons, provide legal services that meet the highest standards, seek to meet the expectations of clients to the maximum, defend and restore violated justice.
Attorney Kristina Raulinaitienė provides detailed consultations on all issues of criminal law, defends clients in various types of criminal cases (consisting of both intentional and unintentional crimes), represents victims, civil plaintiffs and defendants in criminal cases, defends clients’ rights and interests in all pre-trial institutions and in the courts of the Republic of Lithuania.