“The haulage business is fraught with risks and legal disputes. My experience in representing and advising players in the transport market has given me the necessary professional experience in the field of transport law, to provide thorough advice and to represent my clients’ interests professionally in court. I advise on the conclusion of transport contracts, improper performance, termination of contracts and recovery of damages, draft all contracts and procedural documents related to transport law, and represent clients in court.”

K. Raulinaitienė

Teisinė pagalba paveldėjimo klausimais

Every client is important to us!

Transport law regulates a wide range of legal relations, which includes the purchase and sale of vehicles, rental, leasing, civil liability for damage to vehicles, vehicle insurance, transportation of cargo, passengers or luggage, and other matters related to domestic and international transportation. Lawyers provide legal assistance to individuals, manufacturers, distributors and freight campaigns on all matters of transport law, as well as in the preparation of contracts and freight documents, litigation for damage caused by vehicles, seizure or loss of goods, improper performance of the contract of carriage.

Having a good knowledge of the peculiarities and specifics of the transportation process, attorney Kristina Raulinaitienė can provide qualified legal assistance in the field of cargo transportation and transport law. We advise clients on local and international transportation, provide legal advice on the application of the carrier’s civil liability, allocation of liability and fulfillment of obligations of the participants in the transportation process, prepare transportation, warehousing, forwarding and other contracts, represent clients in negotiations, pre-trial and court disputes.