“One of my areas of interest is insurance law. I provide in-depth advice on all aspects of insurance law, draft applications and complaints for compensation, legal opinions on the conclusion of insurance contracts or the terms and conditions of insurance contracts, and represent my clients’ interests in negotiations and disputes. I understand that when we think about insurance services, whatever our business or objectives, we want to protect ourselves against potential losses and minimise risks. Some of us use common types of insurance (e.g. life insurance or property insurance), while others of us are exposed to specific types of insurance and have to deal with complex insurance law issues. I am here to help you! My successful track record and the knowledge I have accumulated over the years allow me to offer qualified legal services and comprehensive advice on all aspects of insurance law.”

K. Raulinaitienė

Teisinė pagalba paveldėjimo klausimais

Every client is important to us!

Insurance law regulates legal relations related to the field of insurance. The help of a qualified lawyer helps to reduce the risks associated with insurance law and to prevent possible problems in the future. Experience has shown that a minimum focus on insurance law may raise issues that are difficult to resolve in the future. This area is also linked to the frequent litigation, which usually seeks to establish the amount of damages to be paid or to prove that an insurance company has wrongly decided not to pay benefits, and to assess whether the injured party has taken all necessary measures to mitigate the damage, whether it is he who caused the damage, and so on.

Attorney Kristina Raulinaitienė assists clients in resolving disputes, provides detailed consultations on issues related to insurance law, such as the provision of insurance services, concluding insurance contracts, determining and indemnifying claims, resolving insurance disputes, determining liabilities related to insurance transactions, etc. prepares claims, complaints, claims for damages, participates in negotiations and represents clients in court.