“As unfortunate as it may be, sooner or later everyone has to deal with inheritance issues. I am here to help you resolve them quickly and confidently, with as little stress as possible for you and your loved ones. As inheritance law requires a relatively quick decision, I recommend not to delay the process, especially if you think that the inheritance may cause legal difficulties. I am ready to provide you with detailed advice on all aspects of succession, to represent you in court and to help you resolve legal disputes.”

K. Raulinaitienė

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The law of inheritance regulates the transfer of the property, property rights, obligations and some personal non-property rights of a deceased natural person to his or her heirs in accordance with the law and / or will. This means that if a loved one dies, you have the right to inherit his or her property. If a person has written a will, his or her property is inherited by the persons specified in the will. In the absence of a will, the inheritance takes place in accordance with the law. The Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania sets a time limit of three months for accepting an inheritance. If you miss this deadline, you can work with the solicitor to prepare documents for the court to renew the deadline for accepting the estate.

Although inheritance is an ordinary legal procedure, there are cases where one issue or another raises uncertainties or legal disputes. In this situation, a qualified lawyer will give you all the help you need and advise you on what to do. Attorney Kristina Raulinaitienė provides detailed consultations on all issues of inheritance (on making a will, acceptance of the will, extension of the term for acceptance of the inheritance, contesting the right to inherit, etc.), prepares procedural documents, represents clients in court, notary offices, bailiffs.